Prophetic Reflections

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  1. Whomever HE Pleases! - {PDF Copy} - (“HE changes times and seasons, HE removes kings, HE sets up kings”)
  2. Has Bible Prophecy Failed? - {PDF Copy} - (After decades of failed prophetic expectations, it is time for believers to reexamine many popular ideas about the “last days”)
  3. Beast Rising - {PDF Copy} - (The only safeguard against taking the “mark of the beast” is total allegiance to him and to his government)
  4. My Destiny and Purpose - {PDF Copy} - (Our “destiny” is to take up the Cross of Christ, deny ourselves, and follow HIM wherever he goes)
  5. No Middle Ground - {PDF Copy} - (Humanity is divided between those who follow the Lamb and those who bow to the Beast)
  6. Mistaken Prophets? - {PDF Copy} - ("In the last days, mockers will come with mockery, saying, ‘Where is the promise of his coming?’”)
  7. Some Politicians Get a Free Pass - {PDF Copy} - (Why do church leaders excuse lying, adultery, and other serious sins when committed by their political friends and allies?)
  8. Prosperity for All? - {PDF Copy} - (The legacy of the “Prosperity Gospel” is the corruption of the gospel of Jesus Christ and increasingly, apostasy)
  9. True Power and Wisdom - {PDF Copy} - (God’s Power and Wisdom are revealed in Christ Crucified, not in mighty signs and wonders, and certainly not in political power)
  10. Satan's Kryptonite - {PDF Copy} - (What Satan fears most is Christ crucified and people conformed to that pattern who will follow him wherever he goes)
  11. Prophetic House of Cards - {PDF Copy} - (The history of the failed prophetic expectations by Dispensationalism is causing many to grasp at prophetic straws)
  12. Signs and Wonders or Golgotha - [PDF Copy] - (The cross of Christ will conquer the world, not super-powers, political might, or “signs and wonders”)
  13. Did Jesus Triumph? - [PDF Copy] - (Did Jesus triumph and begin his messianic reign at his death and resurrection, or is he waiting for some future event to do so?)
  14. Stargazers and Monthly Prognosticators - {PDF Copy} - (Why are so many church leaders seeking to divine God’s will and the future by using astrology and calendrical calculations?)
  15. Christian "rights" and the Cross - {PDF Copy} - (The proper Christian understanding of and reaction to persecution and criticism)
  16. Undeniable Evidence - {PDF Copy} - (The Spirit expressly says that in later seasons some will revolt from the faith, giving heed unto seducing spirits and teachings of demons)
  17. Mystery Revealed - {PDF Copy} - (All God’s mysteries are revealed in Jesus Christ. Are we looking for revelation in the right place? - Romans 16:25)
  18. Let Him Slay Me - {PDF Copy} - (Though He slays me yet will I trust in him, and I will maintain my ways before him)
Foggy Mountain - Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash
Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash


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