"The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God."

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  1. Introduction to Mark - {PDF Copy} - (A brief overview of the history and structure of Mark's gospel account)
  2. Commencement of the Gospel - {PDF Copy} - (In the ministry of Jesus, the kingdom of God arrived, beginning with his baptism by John the Baptist)
  3. Voice in the Wilderness - {PDF Copy} - (John arrived in Judea to prepare the way of the Messiah and herald the Good News of the Kingdom, as predicted in Isaiah)
  4. This is My Son! - {PDF Copy} - (The Spirit of God and the divine voice from heaven confirmed the calling and identity of Jesus  Mark 1:9-11)
  5. Temptation in the Wilderness - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:9-13 - Jesus is driven into the Wilderness by the Spirit; he succeeds where Israel failed)
  6. Arrest and Fulfillment - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:14-15 - The arrest of John the Baptist marked the beginning of the preaching ministry of Jesus)
  7. Four Fishermen Summoned - {PDF Copy} - (In Galilee, Jesus summoned four fishermen to leave their livelihoods to become his disciples – Mark 1:16-20)
  8. Authority over Demons - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:21-28 - As the Son of Man, even demons were subject to his authority)
  9. Authority over Disease - {PDF Copy} - (Neither social conventions nor purity regulations prevented Jesus from ministering to the physical needs of men and women)
  10. Authority over Ritual Purity  - {PDF Copy} - (The touch of Jesus cleansed a leper, and the forbidden contact did not render him “unclean”)
  11. Authority to Forgive Sins - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus healed a paralytic, demonstrating the authority of the Son of Man to discharge sins)
  12. The Son of Man has Authority{PDF Copy} - (Jesus is the Son of Man foreseen by Daniel who received his authority to reign from Yahweh Himself)
  13. Tax-Collector Summoned - {PDF Copy} - (‘Forgiveness’ links the call of the tax collector to the preceding story, the Son of Man’s authority to discharge sins – Mark 2:13-17)
  14. Authority over the Sabbath - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 2:23-3:6 - The Scribes and Pharisees objected to a healing on the Sabbath Day)
  15. Crowds Press, Demons Confess - {PDF Copy} - (The crowds welcomed Jesus because of his miracles, but only demons recognized him as the Son of God)
  16. Twelve Apostles Appointed - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 3:13-21 - Jesus departs to a mountain to summon his twelve disciples)
  17. Unpardonable Sin - {PDF Copy} - (A line is crossed when the activities of God’s Spirit in the words and deeds of Jesus are attributed to Satan – Mark 3:22-35)
  18. Parable of the Sower - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 4:1-20 - The Kingdom grows largely unseen after the Son of Man sows its "seeds")
  19. Kingdom Parables - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 4:21-34 - Jesus gave several parables about the Kingdom of God and its unexpected ways)
  20. Authority over Sea and Storm - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 4:35-41 - Despite a tremendous miracle, the disciples continue to lack faith)
  21. Who is this Man? - {PDF Copy} - (No one recognized who Jesus was except the demons cast out by him. Only in his sacrificial death can his identity be understood)
  22. Jesus and the Demoniac - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus delivered a demonized Gentile while traveling through hostile territory, demonstrating his vast authority over Satan)
  23. Two Women Restored - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 5:21-43 - Christ restores two afflicted women despite barriers raised by the Levitical purity codes)
  24. Rejected in Nazareth - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 6:1-6 - Jesus is rejected by his hometown despite his miracles and wise teaching)
  25. The Cost of Discipleship - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 6:7-30 - The execution of John the Baptist serves as an example of the cost of discipleship)
  26. Miraculous Witness to Israel - {PDF Copy} - (The feeding of 5,000 men was a spectacular witness to Israel, yet most Jews continued to reject Jesus as Israel’s Messiah)
  27. Jesus Confronts Traditions - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus undermined the religious rationale for dietary restrictions. With the Messiah’s arrival, old rituals lost their relevance)
  28. Spiritual Dullness - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 8:1-21 - Mark highlights the unbelief behind the inability of the disciples and Christ’s opponents to perceive who he is)
  29. A Blind Man Saved - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 8:22-26 - A blind man’s eyes are opened along the way to Jerusalem)
  30. Whosoever Will Follow Me - (Mark 8:27-38 - To be the Messiah of Israel means suffering and death. Disciples are summoned to walk the same path) -  {PDF Copy}
  1. The Transfiguration - (Mark 9:2-13 - The transfiguration confirmed his messianic status and identity as the Son of Man) -  {PDF Copy}
  2. Disciples Stumped by Unbelief - {PDF Copy} - (Unbelief hindered the ability of Jesus to heal some afflicted persons, not the lack of fasting or other ritualistic practices)
  3. The Meaning of Discipleship - {PDF Copy} - (To be the Messiah means suffering and death. To be his disciple means self-sacrificial service to the weak and insignificant)
  4. Faithful and Saltless Disciples - {PDF Copy} - (Faithful disciples will receive great rewards, but those who harm their weaker brethren run the risk of being cast into Gehenna)
  5. Questions About Divorce - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 10:1-16 - Opponents questioned Jesus about divorce to trap him, but he used it to teach the higher ways of the kingdom)
  6. The Young Rich Man - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 10:17-31 - To follow Jesus means to surrender one’s entire life, past, present, and future, and to walk wherever he leads, no questions asked)
  7. His Imminent Death - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 10:32-34 - Jesus was “on the way” to Jerusalem where he would suffer arrest, trial, and execution)
  8. Greatness in His Kingdom - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 10:34-45 - To be a true member of the kingdom necessitates a life of self-sacrificial service to others)
  9. Blind Bar-Timaeus Saved - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 10:46-52 - Jesus restores the sight of a blind beggar while he is “on the way” to his death in Jerusalem)
  1. His Triumphal Arrival - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 11:1-11 - Upon reaching Jerusalem, his final destination was the Temple)
  2. Fruitless Temple - {PDF Copy} - (The cursing of the budding fig tree pointed to the destruction of the Temple predicted by Jesus)
  3. Pronouncement on the Temple -  {PDF Copy} - (When he left the Temple for the last time, Jesus pronounced its coming desolation to his opponents)
  4. The Temple Setting - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus gave his final discourse following his final departure from the Temple – Mark 12:41-13:4)
  5. Geographic Range of the Discourse - {PDF Copy} - (The ‘discourse presents two key events that are linked to different geographic contexts - one regional and one global)
  6. Deceivers and Tumults - {PDF Copy} - (The Discourse opens with warnings about coming deceivers who propagate false expectations about the end)
  7. Repeated Warnings - {PDF Copy} - (On Olivet, Jesus reiterated key information that is necessary for his followers to avoid being misled by deceivers)
  8. Sign of the End - {PDF Copy} - (Matthew 24:14 - The End will not come until the Gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed to all nations)
  9. Abomination of Desolation - {PDF Copy} - (When disciples see the abomination of desolation standing where it ought not, they must flee Jerusalem ASAP)
  10. "This Generation" - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 13:30-31 - Biblical usage of this generation consistently applies the phrase to the generation that was alive at the time it was uttered)
  11. Coming on the Clouds - {PDF Copy} - (The whole earth will witness the Son of Man arriving on the clouds to gather his elect to himself – Mark 13:21-27)
  12. The Budding Fig Tree - {PDF Copy} - (The parable of the budding fig tree pointed to the imminent destruction of the Temple that Jesus had predicted)
  13. Knowing Times and Seasons - {PDF Copy} - (Did Jesus command us to know the signs and seasons that will precede his return in glory?)
  14. The Identity of Jesus - Calvary - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus cannot be understood or emulated apart from the Cross)
Open Bible - Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
Open Bible - Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


Commencement of the Gospel

Little Horn - Identity