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Righteousness and Wrath - Present and Future

Just as sinners await the future judgment of God, so believers wait to receive their full salvation at the resurrection  –  Romans 1:16-23 .  In  Romans , Paul introduced the “ gospel ” that he was proclaiming to the Christians residing in the city of Rome. This “ glad message ” was promised centuries earlier in the Hebrew scriptures, a message concerning the Messiah, the Son of God, which has now been revealed to all the nations in Jesus Christ - both to “ Jew and Greek ” - [ Photo by  Jonny Gios  on  Unsplash ]

Until the Day of Christ

Paul exhorted the church to pursue perfection, a process that will culminate in the resurrection on the Day of Christ   –   Philippians 3:7-21 .  In his opening thanksgiving, Paul prepares his readers for a key theme of the letter, the pursuit of “ perfection ”  until the day that Jesus arrives in glory, the “ Day of Christ .” They will be made complete when they are resurrected on that day. In Paul’s view, resurrection is an integral part of the salvation that believers receive when Jesus appears - [ Photo by  Zac Durant  on  Unsplash ].