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Budding Fig Tree

The parable of the budding fig tree pointed to the imminent destruction of the Temple that Jesus had predicted   –   Mark 13:28-29 .  The parable of the “ budding fig tree ” provides a graphic illustration of Christ’s answer to the question – “ When  will  these things  come to pass ?” The image of a fig tree sprouting foliage is the clue for the “ when ” of the events predicted by him. Its foliage signals the arrival of “ summer ,” the time when “ all these things ” will be fulfilled - [ Fig Tree by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash ].

Reigning with Him

Disciples reign with Jesus as “priests” who render service in his Tabernacle by mediating his light in the world .  In  Revelation , the present sovereignty of Jesus is based on his past death and resurrection, and because of his sacrificial death, his disciples now reign with him. But like him, their elevation to rule over the earth is paradoxical - it is characterized by self-sacrificial service, for the outpouring of his lifeblood has consecrated them as “ priests ” for God - [ Worship - Photo by  Sandro Gonzalez  on  Unsplash ].

Whomever HE Pleases!

“HE changes times and seasons, HE removes kings, HE sets up kings.”   Far too often, church leaders exhort us to work diligently to elect politicians and pass laws of which they approve, claiming it is God’s will and warning of the dire consequences that will befall us if we fail to do so. Believers must fight tooth and nail for  their chosen  candidates and programs!  But chosen by whom ? - [ Earth Globe - Photo by Marc Schulte on Unsplash ].