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John Came to be in Spirit

Four different times in Revelation, John found himself “in the Spirit” and transported to a new location where he received another vision .  In the fourth chapter of  Revelation , John “ came to be in the spirit , where he was summoned to heaven to see a vision about the “ throne ,” the “ sealed scroll ,” and the “ slain Lamb .” Previously, in his first vision, he came to be “ in the spirit ” and saw a vision of “ one like a son of man ” standing among the “ seven golden lampstands ,” that is, the “ seven churches of Asia .” - [ Photo by Frank Zinsli on Unsplash ].

Beast Rising

The only safeguard against taking the “mark of the beast” is total allegiance to him and to his government .  I have a maxim when it comes to the Devil — He is a clever and cunning fellow, and whenever everyone is singing the same song, it is time to change the tune. The subject of the “ Antichrist ” raises understandable questions. Who is he? When will he appear? How do we recognize him? And so on… But since he is cunning, will he not do what we least expect? - [ Photo by Hannah Pemberton on Unsplash ].

Whosoever will Follow Me

After Jesus healed the blind man, for a fleeting moment, the eyes of Peter were opened to "see" just who he was  -  Mark 8:27-38 .  Jesus queried his disciples while he was “ on the way ” to Jerusalem:  Who do men say that I am ?  At least nine times  Mark  declares that Jesus is “ on the way .” His march to Jerusalem and his inevitable death was in fulfillment of Joh’s proclamation from the words of  Isaiah : “ I send my messenger before your face who shall prepare  your way ” - [ Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash ].

Servant of Yahweh

“I will give him a portion among the great because he poured out his soul unto death, and with transgressors let himself be numbered”  –  Isaiah 53:12 .  Unlike Adam, the “ Servant of Yahweh ” did not attempt to grasp the “ likeness of God .” Instead, he humbled himself and chose obedience, even if it meant a horrific and shameful death.  For this reason , God highly exalted him and made him “ Lord ” over all things. Exaltation did not precede his death - it followed it - [ Photo by  L.Filipe C.Sousa  on Unsplash ].