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Power and Wisdom

The power and wisdom of God have been revealed in the proclamation of the Messiah who was crucified on Calvary.  Jesus performed miracles, exorcised demons, and taught with great authority, for a time, attracting large crowds. Nevertheless, his contemporaries failed to recognize who he was despite supernatural displays of power. In the end, only the Roman centurion on duty at Golgotha perceived him to be the “son of God” when he breathed his last - [ Photo by  Josh Applegate  on Unsplash ].

Who is this Man?

No one recognized who Jesus was except the demons that he exorcised. Only in his death can his true identity be understood .  The disciples witnessed Jesus heal the sick, cast out demons, forgive sins, and most spectacularly, calm a violent storm, and all done with great authority. Yet among them and others, rather than faith in the Son of God, these powerful miracles produced confusion, fear, and the question -  Who is this man ? Only at his execution did someone begin to understand who he was - [ Photo by  Yannick Pulver  on Unsplash ].

Way of the Cross

To follow Jesus “wherever he goes” requires a life of self-denial and sacrificial service for others  –  Matthew 20:20-28 .  When Jesus dispatched his disciples to announce the “ good news ” to the “ lost sheep of Israel ,” he warned that they would find themselves as “ sheep among wolves .” Hostile men would haul them before “ councils and whip them in their synagogues .” In reaction to Christ’s message, even “ brother will deliver up brother to death ,” and his followers will be hated “ by all men for my sake ” - [ Photo by  Karsten W├╝rth  on  Unsplash ].