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Law and Prophets - Fulfillment

In Jesus, “all the promises of God are Yea and Amen,” and the “Law and Prophets” find their fulfillment  -  Matthew 5:17-21 .  Fulfillment  and  Kingdom  are prominent themes in Matthew’s gospel. With the arrival of the Messiah, the season of fulfillment began, and all things anticipated in the “ Law and Prophets ” were coming to fruition. But what were the implications for the Mosaic Law? Fortunately, Jesus provided us with a direct answer to that question-[ Photo by  Mick Haupt  on  Unsplash ].

Anointed King and Son

Jesus is the promised Messiah, the King who reigns on David’s throne, and the anointed Son of God  –  Psalm 2:1-9 . The second Psalm portrays the Messiah, the ideal king of Israel who is destined to reign on David’s throne. The Psalmist identifies him as “ Yahweh’s  anointed ,” “ my king upon holy Zion ,” and “ my son .” His enthronement marks “ the day that Yahweh has begotten you ”; he is the “ anointed one ,” the appointed ruler and son of God - [ Photo by  Joshua Sortino  on Unsplash ].